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iDetectiveLt Logic Puzzles

4.0 ( 1520 ratings )
Ігри Освіта Головоломки Стратегія
Розробник: Vicente Malixi

You are a part-time detective who helps out Inspector Thadeus Deprehensio, from the local office, who you affectionately call "Inspector Thad." Together, you will help solve countless cases, some easier than others, some challenging, which will keep your wits sharp, your mind logical, and the world a better place. If you need assistance, just tap the Help button which will reveal all--including the ability to shake this device to start over or to clear your notes grid.

In this free Lite version, select from 4 cases of varying difficulty. Tapping on a case brings you to the main grid. Here, youll see scrollable text that talks about the case and gives clues youll need. Based on these clues, you can circle and cross out possible suspects.

Based on the clues and your grid notes, you enter your hypotheses in the Answer page where clicking on Check lets you see if your answers are correct so far--letting you correct what youve missed.

Your changes are always saved! Should you decide to leave the current case unfinished because you want to work on another case, your answers as well as your grid notes are all saved so you can go back to work on them again at a later time.

So what are you waiting for, my dear detective? Get out your magnifying glass, your fingerprint kit and download this app now! The games afoot!

Update: want more puzzles? iDetective is now available on the iTunes app store with 32 puzzles! With more to come as free updates!