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I've been playing this for ages and I've had a great experience with it. Once you get used to the layout and navigating through it, it's quite enjoyable!

Needs better input interface

I completed the Opera stranglings puzzle and all 20 answers were marked wrong. Of course impossible, even if I had no logic at all, as some of the answers are given to you directly in the clues. So I looked at the solution and turns out my solution was 100% correct, the suspects were just in the wrong order. I don't see how that can be, as suspect number was not one of the categories to be solved, and I don't see how I possibly could have known the order they wanted them in. As long as the 5 categories for each suspect matched it should have been fine. Frustrating, and I will definitely not bother buying the paid version of this app as I might have without the issue.


You can only see one category at a time. I don't like not being able to see the whole puzzle, it can get confusing with so many categories.


What makes a logic grid puzzle is deductive reasoning. When you have to switch back and forth between screens to see different parts of the grid, you lose and mix up information. I had to draw out a chart for the first one.


Way to difficult to navigate the clues and chart.

Fun but short

It's a fun game, with lots of logic and different types of detective puzzles to undergo, but it only has four different puzzles to play unless you buy the full version. :/

Not as good as the traditional

I loved the traditional puzzle with filling out the chart. This, however, broke up that helpful chart and you have to scroll back to find the other who's and what's.


If you like logic puzzles, you'll love this app! It was a lot of fun. Took me just a bit to adjust from the pen and paper ways, but once you do, you'll love it.

Waste of time!

This made absolutely no sense. Some of the describing factors did not match, which makes it confusing. The opera problem, for example: They say something about a fishing line being used as a murder weapon, but Inge diagram, there was no "line." I'm assuming the word "string" was put in place, but it was too confusing. Not much room given for the text, so there's too much scrolling between the clues.


I love this app so much! It entertains me when I get bored and its interesting. The only problem is that I've solved all of the puzzles so could you add more? Thank you!

Lovin Logic!

Great app! I just wish there were more puzzles!

Love it!

I enjoy logic puzzles and was excited to learn about the app. The grid is too small so I used pen and paper to see the relationships. More games are needed ASAP!

Limited Puzzles and Challenge

This is a great app that I enjoyed very much, but there aren't enough puzzles and they difficulty isn't there. It shouldn't be terribly challenging just a bit harder. Also, I have to agree with others on the grid issue, even though it really wasn't that great of an inconvenience. Just wish there were more! Has the potential of being a 5-star.

Need to be able to see the whole grid

This would be a 5 star app if there was a way to see the whole grid.


Trying to solve a logic puzzle without being able to see the whole grid and cross out A because you connected B to C in another section is ridiculous.

Mixed feelings

I like the storyline. The grid set up is annoying but manageable. The puzzles are too easy. There needs to be more puzzles but thank you for creating it.

Decent puzzles, awful setup

He puzzles themselves seem fine, but with no way to see the entire grid, it is frustraiting.

Better grid

Puzzles were good, but the grid could be better To navigate



Interface needs work

Honestly I'm a logic puzzle veteran. I've been using the books since I was about 10 and I have to say, the interface is what makes this problematic. It's difficult to have to go back and forth between the categories because it makes it very hard to see the relationships between them.

Fun, but short and easy

I wish there were more!

A good game but...

The grid layout needs to be changed. I like logic puzzles but this makes it into a back and forth game as well. Also the grids don't relate to each other and when you hit enter answers it should auto populate. Get more improvements and I will pay 4.99$ for this

Good for free

Takes a stretch to get used to the table layout but I thought it was challenging in a fun way and forced me to think harder.

Awesome game

Love logic puzzles. Very nice way to log your conclusions. I love this app.

Not so impressed

I love logic puzzles but this only came with 4 games. I was contemplating looking for the full version but the application kept shutting down in the middle of playing it will defiantly need to fix it's bugs before I will give up my hard earned money.

Love it

I am a huge mystery fan and want to hav a career in it so I think thus game is awesome! O luv solving these riddles but I must admit it they r pretty easy but they r awesome so get it!

Fun but a lot of problems..

I like the puzzles, but it seemed like every couple of minutes the app crashed. Another thing is that you only get four puzzles to solve...really?! Just four?! Sorry but four is just too little because once you get the hang of it, there's no more to do and then what, delete the app? What's the point of keeping it if you've completed all four? Another thing is the layout. The whole "back and forth" is just nonsense. And when you hit "enter answers" you would think it would automatically enter for you. This app just needs a lot of improvement. It was fun while it lasted.

Too easy

For me these could of been a lot more challenging. I found each case repeating, four people with four things about them. And for the grid layout was in every way more harder than the case itself. Just taking a little over 25 minutes was all i needed. But reading others reviews seems to set a satisfactory score of 4 stars.

Really bad interface

Inability to see the entire grid makes the puzzles hard to solve.

Horrible interface

I love grid logic puzzles, but the UI in this app is so bad I couldn't get through a single one. There's no way to see the relationships between the different squares in the grid.


I Love This App!!!!!

Want to love it...

I really wanted to love this because I love logic puzzles but I got sick of going back and forth so I ended up drawing out a grid on paper to solve them... not worth it.


Like every 5 minutes! I  this app & it will be 5 stars when you fix it!!!

Not fun fall asleep to logic.

Surely brain-benefitting but not all times of day.

Get "logic puzzles 2" instead.

This is okay for a free app because you get what you pay for... As others have said the layout is terrible and I hope the creators figure that out. Until then "logic puzzles" and "logic puzzles 2" have an app with a working layout so if you are going to spend the two dollars, spend them on an app that has taken the time to figure out how to set up a logic puzzle app layout and fully utilizes the available technology.

More puzzles please!!

Wow! What a great app, the puzzles were so much fun and it's totally free! To me, they were pretty easy, I got done with them in less than a couple of hours. Definitely worth downloading. But you know...the layout wasn't that great where one has to keep moving back continuously. However, once you get used to it, it's fine. A tip if you're planning on downloading it: clicking twice in a square will make a red dot so you don't have to leave the square blank for the answer--you'll know what I mean when you try it. Anyways, I recommend this app for anyone who likes a challenge. Just follow the clues, reading through them carefully and you'll get everything right--I did! Enjoy!!

Frustrating layout

I really wanted to like this. But it is just too frustrating due to the layout issues. The text box used for scrolling takes up only a 1/3 of the screen (why?!?) and every time you switch screens to check a grid (which, let's face it is ALL you do with logic puzzles), it resets the text to the first sentence of the exposition so you have to continually scroll down. Sooooo annoying, had to delete the app.

Oh what the heck, get it!

I like it and all but the layout makes u go back and forth. It is still a great app that u should get, depending on if u like detective stuff, things to think about, and EPIC cases to solve (like me!)

Poor layout, doesn't take advantage of technology

The layout is terrible. I had hoped that since you can only see one grid at a time that it would fill in answers on other parts of the grid as you found solutions. It's extremely tedious to flip through the various grids to fill in answers; very frustrating when it's so easy if you could see everything at once. Thanks, I'll stick to doing them on paper.

Layout doesn't work for me

I love logic problems, but the layout of this app is terrible.


Good puzzles, bad layout


I love the concept - I have been playing logic puzzles for years, but tabbing in and out trying to remember what goes with what (I.e. Last name + first name and then which room to each) gets a little frustrating. I'm used to having it all laid out like in the books. JMO. Thx for bringing this to iPhone, I look forward to more difficult puzzles!

I want more!

It was so hard to put this game down. It was a bit confusing at first trying to figure out how to use it, but the Help option explains it. I only wish there were more puzzles!


At first I was confused by the set up but after a while I got used to it. Some of the puzzle were easy and I've notice patterns in the answer for some of the puzzles, but otherwise it's fun and logical. I read the full app has a bunch of contradicting errors. I'm not sure if this is true or if that person made a mistake themselves.


A great game.

Awesome! A little short but awesome

This game is awesome! It took me about a half an hour to finish one but it was still fun! It's supposed to be challening becuz challenging is FUN! Well sometimes........but this is fun


I've been looking for logic puzzles, and they were hard to find considering I have no money on my account, but I have to say, besides the lack of puzzles this app is great all around once you get accustomed to navigating through it. Definitely worth getting if your looking for a challenge

Fun, but short

Very fun puzzles, and a simple way to toggle between positive and negative checks, but I was done with them in only an hour or two. More content would have been nice, but I understand the intent is to allure you into buying the full app.

Love it.

Would like more cases!!

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